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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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komen three day for a cure. today is saturday september 13th, good morning, i'm todd quinones. the here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather. >> we have some clouds out there this morning so i think we will be finding friday through sunday, bookended by sunshine but in the middle where we are right now, the clouds, and maybe some soggy feeling because we are looking at a couple rain showers. lets look outside and we don't see them at this point at all. ben franklin bridge looks bright and beautiful. we have clouds overhead. you can see them on storm scan three. if you look carefully, closely at your set. notice some of these rain showers, low pressure moving through and that will be triggering these showers as we move through the afternoon. none of them should get heavy and if we talk about a tenth or less of an inch of rain that would be accurate for most people. there is a chance maybe somebody would see a quarter inch of rain but that is just
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about the extent have of it. things get different around here tomorrow though and weather changes dramatically. sixty-three in philadelphia with those clouds. fifty-eight in trenton. sixty-one in wilmington. in the 40's, 49 in the poconos and 61 down in wildwood. our temperatures will not warm up all that much. yesterday we were at 78 with the sunshine. today we will stop right around 71 degrees. we will have clouds at noon, 67 degrees and as we move in the first part of the afternoon we will pick up chances of showers coming in here and with the clouds and any shower you you might see that does keep our temperatures down to the the lower 70's. we will look at future weather and as we do notice one or two little descriptions and drabs scattered around 10:00 o'clock in the morning, the bulk of it is off to the west. it is this afternoon when we will see these showers moving in and we will find those around 3:00 o'clock. we will see them around 5:00 he but they do move out and we will look for an evening that is in the bad at all and a sunday that is
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absolutely glorious we will look at all of that coming up, todd. more on our breaking news, we brought you in the last hour here of "eyewitness news", pennsylvania state police confirmed that there has been a shooting at a barracks in pike county and one trooper is dead this is new video just in showing aftermath, authorities set up checkpoints as ambulances medivac'd even the swat team converged at the scene. state police officials tell "eyewitness news" they will have more information for us sometime this morning. right now they cannot give us a total number of troopers injured or information about a suspect. as "eyewitness news" crews are there right now and we will update this story all morning long right here on cbs-3. one person is dead after a fast moving row home fire in south philadelphia. the fire fight others rushed to the 2800 block have of south marshall street just after ten friday night. when they arrived they found flames shooting from the first and second story windows. victim is described as an
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old's dult resident, fire commissioner derek sawyer talks about the importance of smoke detectors. >> we did a search through the the house and we did find one working smoke alarm in the basement. at this time we have not found any working smoke alarms at any other level of the floor. >> this is 23rd fire fatality so far this year and investigators believe smoking may have contributed to the fire. happening today the the philadelphia housing authority plans to implode a high rise, forcing some nearby residents to leave their homes this is a look at queen lane apartments in germantown. at 7:15 in about an hour, they will be reduced to ruble. the 16 story building is a block wide and in a densely populated area with homes across the street. some 90 residents living in the one block radius had been evacuated. the city has ordered 400
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others living within a two block radius to stay inside with their windows and doors closed. the city says it is committed to cleaning up any mess left behind the implosion. day two of the susan g komen for the cure three day for the cure is now underway. participants will walk over 60 miles this weekend working to defeat breast cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at the pennsylvania convention center with more, syma? >> reporter: good morning, todd. walkers are just waking up getting ready for their second day. with me is lynn, from millville. this is your seventh year participating. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: tell new how it works. friday you started off. you do 20 miles. >> anywhere from 20 to 23 miles a day. we start off at willow grove mall. we ended up here last night. you come in, you get your gear, tent, you have to set up and they have shower units set up. we can come in here, we have our dinner, they have a show
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and light out at nine. >> reporter: back again. >> start again today at 7:00 o'clock and same routine for today and then tomorrow when we wake up tents have to be pack up, our gear has to be backup put back on the truck and then we will even up at the naval yard. >> reporter: is there more than 1600 people participating and how does it feel to be one of the people trying to make a difference. >> to me it is wonderful. it is something i started seven years ago. it is a commitment to friend and family that i know have had breast cancer and also i don't want my family or my grandchildren to have to go through this. as long as i can raise some money i'm walking and to me that is the hardest part. the walk is nothing. raising money is really hard. >> reporter: that money is so important. >> very important. >> i don't take in for an answer. i do not take no for an answer. >> reporter: how much money do you personally raise each
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year, is what your usual goal. >> i shoot for the 23. they ask that we raise 2300. it is very difficult for us where we live. i aim for the 236789 i can get more that is great but normally i'm just making it to 23. >> reporter: for anyone out there watching, i wish would i participate in something like this, i wish i could make a difference, what advice do you have for them to go ahead and try. >> just go ahead and try. once you get into it, maybe do it with other people, get started because buy yourself is there not motivation. you need other people motivating you. just do what you can, ask other fellow walkers if you can find people to tell you how they got started and just go do it. don't give up. you can raise that money. work hard and then it really is an emotional, wonderful thing to do and i would miss it if i didn't do it. >> reporter: i know you know quite a few people in your life that have gone through breast cancer and i do hear stories from everyone else.
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what is it like to hear these stories. >> it is tough. it is hard. being here, i hear worse stories and that is very emotional but to find out that a friend was diagnosed, that was my third year, a girlfriend of mine was diagnosis at 41. young children at home. it just devastated her. ever since then i have been walking for her. i have met new people. watching what they are going through. it is another reason i cannot stop because i don't want them to go through this i want them to get better and i want them to live a wonderful life and i don't want them to have a problem. >> i'm out here. >> thanks very much. >> now, the rest of the walk for today starts at 7:00 a.m. but walkers here are just waking up get something breakfast and getting ready for day two. now back to you, todd. >> syma, thanks very much. nfl is moving from one crisis to another, minnesota vikings star running back adrian peterson is facing a
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charge of child abuse in texas. as "eyewitness news" anchor chris may tells us a football star is accused of beating his son with the switch. >> reporter: texas grand jury indicted six time pre bowl running back accusing him of causing serious injuries to his year-old son during a visit to peterson's home in may. these photographs from the draft of the police report obtained by cbs sports radio 610 in houston purports to show the the child's injuries. cuts and bruce toes his back, buttocks, ankles and legs and what it describes as defensive wound to his hand. law enforcement sources say peterson used a switch like this, part of the tree branch to spank his son after the boy pushed a sibling. another police photo captured peterson showing investigators how he pulled it from the tree. investigation also reveals these text messages said to be between peterson and boy's men. you will be mad at me about his leg the player road, and
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he didn't drop one tear. the boy's injuries were discovered, later during a doctor's appointment which led to the formal investigation. peterson's lawyer rusty hard in says player has fully cooperated with investigators and regrets what he called an unintentional injury n a statement hardin says adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent who discipline his son. he used same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east texas. chris may, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". minute so the vikings organization is taking action, following the the shocking indictment of one of its best players. they have deactivated peterson for this weekend's game with the patriots. vikings released a statement saying they are quote in the process of gathering information regarding the legal situation involving adrian peterson. at this time we will defer further questions to adrian's
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attorney rusty hardin. stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the the indictment of adrian peterson. we will write you update on tv and on line at cbs there are new developments in the joan rivers death investigation, the medical director of the upper east side clinic where the comedian went into cardiac arrest in longer works there. clinic spokeswoman did not elaborate on the circumstances. eighty-one year-old rivers died september 4th a week after going in to cardiac arrest during a routine endoscopy. the state's health department has said that its investigating the whole matter. toronto mayor rob ford drops his bid for reelection as he is being treated for a tumor in his ab. it is unclear if that tumor is malignant. dramatic even to the campaign comes following a stint in rehab and calls for ford to quit amid drug and alcohol scandals. ford now says he plans to seek a seat on the city council in
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a town near toronto. ford has asked his brother, doug to run in place for toronto mayor. devastating impact of casino closures in atlantic city coming up on "eyewitness news", surrounding communities are feeling effect in the form of home foreclosures, we will take a close look at the rising rate. we will also have this. >> reporter: if you are bored packing peanut butter and jill i, i have got great ideas for you. i'm kara suboy for lunch box you. i'm kara suboy for lunch box
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authority recovered a body of a man from the delaware river. 4:15 friday the the man jumped in the near 1600 block of south columbus boulevard. police say the 48 year-old was on a pier fishing with his son when he decided to swim to the other side of the pier. there is no word on the identity of the victim. car slams in the fence and in the building, in camden, the driver was impaled by a pole. it happened at seventh and spruce. eyewitnesses say the car hit two pedestrians, but they were not seriously injured. right new there is in word on the driver's condition, the cause of the crash is under investigation. atlantic city's troubles could have an adverse impact on the nearby housing market. as "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan tell us, atlantic county is
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tops for foreclosures in new jersey and some peer it could get worse with so many losing their jobs. each number here representatives a family. dramatic increase in foreclosures leaves sheriff frank ballas with the unpleasant responsibility of auctioning off dozens of home each week. >> we feel bad for people losing their homes through no fault of their own because of their job situation. >> reporter: new data this week shows new jersey has fourth highest foreclosure rate in the nation and atlantic is worst county in the state. experts say statewide trend reflects loosening of the log jam in the legal process for clear closure but in atlantic county high unemployment is a factor. >> whether he they workers came in and bought these houses, they could after them. but when they lost their job or went from full-time to part-time they could not make the payments. >> reporter: ballassays there are ways to get assistance through a sheriff office program. counselors like russell graves can help with reductions and deferring loan payments.
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last week at a resource center for laid off casino workers, 360 people sign up. >> we have 85 percent better chance of getting people a modification and one that lasts then if you go object your own. >> as for impact of foreclosures in the areas housing market realtor shawn o'brien says foreclosures make up a small percentage of the total housing stock. home prices are not taking too much of a hit. he said foreclosed homes listed for sale are going off the market at a good rate. >> as looking as they are financessable and in decent condition you can buy them at an alarmingly good price. >> reporter: as atlantic city casino industry faces uncertainty local expert say it is hard to necessity when they will improve buzz anyone who needs help should reach out to the county just as soon as they can n pleasantville, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". yesterday was a great day. tomorrow will be another great day. today is what, in between would you call it. >> yes, it is the filling thaw don't like so you just eat the bread. that is really what we have.
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we have beautiful day today. gorgeous one tomorrow. today in the so great. we do need some rain. every so often we have to get some rain around here otherwise we would be california. today may be the the day. you can see we have some fog here along the ocean city boardwalk this morning. not the the busiest time of the year, but still beautiful time at the shore. you too will be getting in the clouds and showers. we have 56 degrees. little cloudy but we are not finding any precipitation right now. that is going to becoming probably at 1:00 this afternoon or so. you can see showers out there they are light. nothing spectacular. few clouds over us and i think we will hang on to those clouds all day. the showers we will not hang on to all day. i'll time out when we are expecting them but generally in that one to 5:00 o'clock time period for mostly everybody. sixty-three in philadelphia. fifty-eight trenton. sixty-one down in wilmington. still in the 40's in the poconos. sixty-one in wildwood. we have a decent variety on
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these temperatures. go back to the north and west and midwest, temperatures are in the 40's. and tomorrow morning we will be finding some of our temperatures in the 40's. we will be right around chicago or cleveland's temperature. 55 degrees tomorrow morning through the philadelphia area. but go out to the outlining areas and we have temperatures closer to maybe st. louis with temperatures in the upper 40's. we have high pressure that is leaving, low pressure coming in and this is what is doing this to the weather today, bringing in the clouds and light showers and we're expecting moving through the afternoon. it doesn't stay here long but then next one comes in here and that is high pressure system keeping it unbelievable here tomorrow. you will love the the weather. if you love sunshine and as we mentioned california, we might as well give them a shout out. temperatures in the lower 70's. that is what we are finding here tomorrow. monday we will get a couple extra degrees but we are in the 70's on monday. tuesday doesn't look all that bad.
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here are the clouds. we have more clouds then that showing but we will give it a pass for now. it is saying that we have pick up one or two light showers, very light and very widely scattered at 10:00 o'clock this morning. but by 1:00 in the afternoon we will start to see rain moving in. not every place, off to the north and west as they get heavier. by the time we get to 2:00 we are finding showers in the area. not every place. you cannot set up your day, based on this. it is really more guidance, so the guidance is some showers as we move through the the afternoon at 3:00 in the afternoon. by the time we will get to 6:00 o'clock a lot of this is moving out. you could still find rain showers through trenton as this thing finally exit and then sunshine will be well, maybe a minute of to it day but get more of it tomorrow and a lot more of it on monday as well. monday looks great. tuesday we might start with
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the brief shower but tuesday, 71 at the shore. poconos 62 degrees. temperatures 71 through philadelphia with those clouds, tonight we're down to 56 degrees, tomorrow, we have 73 degrees. the looks great. monday 77. sunshine, and just a terrific looking week, just bask in those temperatures in the 70's, why don't you todd. >> i think i will, carol thank you. school year has just begun, it brings with us a daunting task of packing healthy school lunches for your students every single day. and if you you are in need of inspiration kara suboy reports on some meal planning apps and web sites that will make that old pb and j, feel so old fashion. >> if your kids are getting lunch box envy of your friend improve your game by taking inspiration from pinterest. you will fine incredible results. click through to see ones that
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seem delicious and doable and you'll find ideas and instructions. one thing you'll notice is that they are served in neat reusable containers to buy a set of your own check out lap top lunches to the come. they sell plastic kits for kids in the style of bento boxes. even better you can search for inspiration by what is in season. lap top lunches have a free i thephone app to give you great ideas on the go. picky either tell you what they want through the the lunch box app, kids design their virtual lunch box and drag their food from the fully customizable list in to it. their choices will automatically populate a shopping list for mom and dad n san francisco i'm kara s uboy for c helps cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama and first lady michelle obama were volunteering at a school this week and that is big news for most but not for one student. lets take a look. >> there you go. >> mr. president, when i first
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heard that somebody special was coming, i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i under stan. mallea and sascha would feel the same way. >> she thought you were going to be beyonce. >> then i realized it would be you, and you are not too bad. >> appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know it is in the really true but that is okay. >> would i rather see beyonce. >> well, that volunteer was hoping she that she would meet beyonce as you heard first family laugh with the young lady. they'd like to see beyonce as well. still ahead, winter the dolphin is back... >> winter is being extra playful today. >> ukee washington sits down with the stars of dolphin two, that is coming up.
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dowlower... that's more like it!
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petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®. well, winter is back, no, not the season the the dolphin, dolphin tail two is in theaters right the now, in 2011, the first film was very successful and moving. so much so our friend at warner brothers helped ukee washington with this preview of the latest film. >> it is story of a bottle nosed toll fin name winter was rescued and rehab thanks tie ground breaking prosthetic tail and new her success story
6:26 am
is in yep difficult. >> female bottle nose winter is in the doing well, clay. winter needs to be pared with another female and real soon. i'm giving you 30 days. >> two of the youngest characters to have grow up in a hurry. >> with winter, that whole, relationship that he has with her is so special that he is breaking out of his shell. >> both hazel and sawyer have taken on a stronger leadership role in the aquarium and in the necessarily leading the the adults but being able to have real mature conversation about what is transpired at the aquarium and that is really cool. >> reporter: here's something cooler, story was created at first film's rap party, clear what the marina quarter yum when call came in about a rescued baby dolphin. >> she's so little. >> get her in the water fast. >> we're actors, celebrating this movie but clearwater marina quarter yummies still doing their thing and little do we know it would end up
6:27 am
leading to a sequel. >> all we can do is hope. >> what is her name. >> based on true events and the amazing work by cma staff, venue's popularity has staff. >> they supply the reality, they supply the science based animal care and we just get to make movies about them. >> reporter: charles martin smith direct the original and he return to write direct and act in this one. he features young and talented actors. minister again freeman puts the future of the business is in perspective. >> i think it is good hands. connecting these young bright mind with the growing technology, it is going took up, up. >> the sequel of perseverance and compassion is rising as well, will message be as successful as the first film. >> well, let's hope. >> reporter: i could not have said it better myself.
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we're continuing to follow breaking news near scranton this morning a state police trooper shot dead outside a state police barracks. latest is next. also ahead a national service program celebrates a milestone american core turns 20 and we will tell but the volunteer organization that has helped so many throughout the years we will be right back. (vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers. well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them.
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a pennsylvania state trooper is dead after a shooting outside a state police barracks in pike county. we're gathering more information coming up. plus in just under an hour this 16 story building will be no more. coming up, high rise implosion that is getting underway this morning. >> reporter: it is second day of the three day susan g komen event, walkers are getting ready to start their journey, i'm syma chowdhry with that story, coming up. today is saturday september 13th good morning i'm todd quinones. here's meteorologist carol erickson with eyewitness weather and how will weather be this in morning for doylestown arts festival. >> well, they have got some clouds out there and that coincides with the thompson bucks county classic which is a hundred miles pro cycling championship. so that is starting in doylestown at 10:00 o'clock this morning as well. the clouds should not bother anybody and i don't think we will. we will find some clouds and
6:32 am
we are seeing them out there in center city philadelphia we will move to the shore and we got them there too. it is not like somebody else is dealing with sunshine and then cloud. we are all dealing with them today. 51 degrees in kutztown. still looks pretty on the farm and the school. we have precipitation that may be following some of these clouds in here and you can see that on storm scan three. expect to find a couple rain showers, one to maybe four or 5:00 o'clock tonight and that should be it with this. they will be light. just a nuisance. but we do need showers every so often. it should not impact at all how much fun you'll have at doylestown arts festival or thompson bucks county classic or anything else you fine yourself doing this afternoon. our temperatures 53 in philadelphia. fifty in the poconos. 59 degrees right now down in atlantic city. our winds right around six offer 7 miles an hour for most of the area our temperatures 63 at the airport 54
6:33 am
allentown. sixty-three down in dover. temperatures will not warm up all that much today but still very comfortable with high in the lower 70's and lets put this into motion and you can see a couple rain showers by 11:00 and by the time we hit 1:00 we will see a few more coming in here and few more by 3:00 but get general trend by five or 6:00 o'clock they are starting to move out of the area and we will get clearing after that. for how long. i will show you eyewitness weather seven day forecast, coming up. todd? more on our breaking news, "eyewitness news" has learned that two pennsylvania state police officers have been shot at a barracks in pike county. we now you know one of the troopers are dead, it is happening at blooming grove barracks about 35 miles east of scranton. this is latest video just into our news room, here is what we know, sometime around 11:00 o'clock last night during shift change shots were fired from the wooded area. suspect or suspects remain at
6:34 am
large. police set up a 3-mile radius as they search by land and air. "eyewitness news" crew is at the scene, stay with cbs-3 ape cbs for updates. one trooper is dead, another injured is shooting at a pennsylvania state police barracks. susan g komen three day for the cure continues today. walkers are working to beat breast cancer one step at a time. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at the pennsylvania convention center where day two is underway, syma? >> reporter: that is right, todd, and less than a half an hour journey begins again for day two of the three day event here. susan g komen. with me is national spokesperson, sharrie, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: turf say energy in here you would never think it is early in the morning. >> no, you wouldn't. these participants, 1350 of them have already walk
6:35 am
21.5 miles. they are ready to walk another 22.5 miles today. they are so excited i will walk all 22.5 miles with them today. >> reporter: would you think they would be tired. >> but energy here is totally empowering. these are individuals have come together and they are determined to put an end to breast cancer and they are out here giving it their all and we are looking for fantastic community support in the 22 miles out there today. >> reporter: journey for today does not begin until 7h but you have people line up. >> it is like a concert, right. like everybody wants to hurry up and get in on all of this excitement because in reality, we are saving lives. all across the country. people whom we will never see but we know we are having an impact their lives. susan komen three day is greatest distance within can walk in the breast cancer movement. it provides such a wonderful sense of community. let's face it, it is empowering both physically and emotionally and we are out there making a difference. >> i know it is still too
6:36 am
early to tell me how much money you have raised but tell me how much money was raised last year. >> last year 3.2 million-dollar was raised right here in philadelphia. listen, come out to the closing ceremony tomorrow 4:30 at navy yard, we will announce how much these individual raised here this week and we will celebrate this fantastic accomplishment and we are just going to show the world that the three day is here to stay. we will be back next year. >> reporter: turf ask some people are saying maybe they wish i participated and they will participate next year. there is share station that is other ways can come out. >> if you go to our web site at www dot three you can find out locations for our cheering stations for today and tomorrow. they can join us for closing ceremonies tomorrow at 4:30 at the navy yard,
6:37 am
welcome, all are encouraged to company look take a look at this web site because you can register for next year. >> reporter: turf ask breast cancer is such a serious topic. a lot of people affect. we have met some characters. and, we have, breast friend, of pennsylvania, and we have another top team, tulips for tata. and, and, a great disease but we will provide that because we know that we will find a cure and we will not give up, until we do. >> last question, last year third .2 million. what is gel for this year. >> hey, even minister but every dollars makes a difference. we are thankful for every dollars raised because every dollars raised makes a difference. >> reporter: thank you so much. again, todd, the journey for day two begins at 7:00 o'clock. of course, there are plenty of cheering stations
6:38 am
cheer these ladies on who are very excited to be here. now back to you you. >> okay, same, thanks very much. a special honor for a 14 year-old fighting cancer. he got his wish. a break from treatment, and a most memorable trip to his football game at his high school. freshman michael shelley led the marple newtown football team out for their home opener. he was diagnosed about a month ago. he is supportive of his team and student body making all of the difference. >> and, i mean, my team supports me the whole time and i can't wait to get back on the field next year. mike still has months of chemo ahead of him and we wish him the absolute best. a national service program is celebrating a big milestone, american core joins 20 this week. in the last two decades volunteers have logged more than 1.2 billion hours of on service projects nationwide. kylie introduces to us a brand new volunteer and someone who
6:39 am
served with the first american core class. >> i serve, i serve. >> we serve. >> reporter: more than 900,000 young people have taken that pledge commit to go a year of national service. it started 20 years ago when president clinton formed the inaugural american core class. >> i am ab american core member. >> i am going to get things done. >> reporter: he was part of the first class in 1994. >> it is instilled in you a civic responsibility that you just carry with you where now i work in the private sector for a bank and i still have all of that commitment to service but in my personal life. it grounds you for the rest of your life. >> reporter: those values are taking root in dennis manahan he started his year this in building habitat for humanity houses in washington d.c. >> even when i have a bad day i still get home and i look at it and say i did something productive, i helped other people and work with great people. even my worst days are still
6:40 am
good days. >> reporter: president clinton and president obama celebrated american core's 20th anniversary at the white house on friday. >> i can't describe how inspired i am because in each of you i see an unfurling all of the incredible wonderful things that you will be doing in your lives. >> reporter: this year 57,000 young people will put their hand and head to work the in the america core programs in the country. kylie atwood, cbs news, washington. roar of motorcycles echoed through center city philadelphia. >> the the hero thrill show kick off, pep rally took over market between 18th and 19th on friday. spectators got a sneak peak of what they can see at the 60th annual hero thrill show held next saturday september 20th. proceeds from the event go to the college education of survivors of deceased police
6:41 am
and fire personnel killed in the line of duty. >> if your weekend clouds some yard work we will have advice forgetting rid of the nasty poisonous plants and also ahead state college may be called happy valley but is it living up to its name. we will tell you what list the town is topping. plus he is only in middle school but he is developing an app that he hopes will save many lives, coming up young inventor who has come up with a panic button for your phone. rain is on the way today but will this weekend be a wash out? carol returns with you're witness weather if
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6:44 am
do cooler temperatures inspire to you do backyard cleaning. well, watch out, if you are not careful you could have an itchy uncomfortable rash. in this weeks angie's list report jim donovan shows thousands spot and get rid of the nasty poisonous plant. >> reporter: shirley loves her garden but cannot escape itchy rash of poison ivy. >> i just net is one or two little dots which eventually unfortunately then spreads all the way up my arm or on my legs. >> reporter: key to avoiding a rash is knowing how to avoid the plants. >> poison oak and poison ivy look fairly similar. poison sumack have much more leaves on the leaflet report report plants are fun where bird hang out, under trees or near fences and they can grow
6:45 am
large. you may need help to get rid of them. if you use lawn care service just don't assume they will take care of it. >> during hiring process confer how company will tackle the problem. will they use chemicals to remove the plant, dig plants up, how long to they guarantee their work. will they come back if the plant rhea peers. don't forget these plants like to spread if you have a plant that is in your neighbor's yard you want to understand that problem as well. >> reporter: you may be able to tackle smaller plant on your own but be sure to wear protective clothing and necessity how to properly dispose of the plants. >> mess of the time it is best to put tonight a plastic bag and throw ate way but keep in mind anything that touches it will carry that oil and you can get the contact dermatitis from that oil. >> reporter: all parts of these plants produce the oil that causes the rash and it can stay on clothing and gardening tools for up to five years. you should never burn these
6:46 am
plant or use a more to get rid of them you will distribute oil. for more advice, visit cbs philly to the come/angie's list. i'm jim donovan. apparently it is call happy valley for a reason. the tiny town of state college is topping a list of the happiest small towns in america. state college surrounds penn state's university park campus. rankings were made by a real estate company and based on several factors from stress factors to personal safety. towns on the list had a population between 40 and 61,000, and each lansing michigan home to michigan state came in second. this will make some people happy, disney is making room at epcott, in florida for a ride based off their popular animatedded film frozen. the the attraction is set to replace another classic, the boat ride. disney says it plans to recreate the fictional land of
6:47 am
arondell. well, to take a little spotty, right, depend where you are and when you are there. >> we have clouds, everybody will be happening clouds today and then rain showers will more likely find and they should be light, between just general range in the have afternoon, one to five or six, and in the all that time either but just know it could be a damper afternoon then it is morning. it is cloudy enough morning. we have temperatures cool as a result, 63 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in trenton. fifty-four in allentown. fifty in the the poconos. out of the 40's up there. temperature continuing at 61 degrees down in wildwood. so, i know you want to see what it has looks like for the last the nine hours. it is dead wood, south dakota we are at the 33 degrees. he'll give you a time lapse here and here we go, and this is how it has looked. it doesn't look that dead in deadwood south dakota
6:48 am
temperatures cooled though. we will get into that cooler eras well. i found this shot and i thought it was interesting to go see what other people are doing this hour of the morning. not much. it is almost the freezing mark there we are doing better than that. we've got temperatures in the 70's later on today. we have rain showers to contend with and we will be coming in here, we do need rain every so often. i know so many people plan things for saturday, but, this is how things work out. we have clouds over us right the now. rain showers will be moving in. i'll time those out as well. komen three day ladies not bothered and men walking too not bothered wye with with 71 degrees. seventy-three tomorrow. gorgeous day tomorrow. we will fine much better weather. that low pressure system gets out. temperatures in the lower 70's today will be still in the lower 70's tomorrow but the sun will be out so it is just perfect. we will get a couple more degrees by the time we get to machine so maybe 77 degrees on monday and then that sunshine is out there.
6:49 am
here's wharf been waiting for. lets see if the compute are model changed its mind, not really, just scattered a very few light showers around 11:00 this morning. the most that we're watching for comes up this afternoon this is a look at 1:00 through philadelphia and will mink ton, off to the north and west and even to the north and west of the poconos when maybe heavier shower appears but does not stay long. by 3:00 this afternoon still some showers around. in the every place according to this computer model but they are around and at 4:00 we will still see a few of them around but they are getting the idea that they are not too welcomed. they are on their way out, and we will find, rapid clearing at 8:00 tonight and then skies should be clearing out, so thing us up for an absolutely gorgeous day tomorrow. you know he how nice it was yesterday. we will do it again. and then on tuesday we might find some showers in the morning but should be a better afternoon. the these temperatures though no complaints 71 in philadelphia with the shower in the afternoon. same deal at the shore but 75. sixty-two in the poconos.
6:50 am
cooler there. enjoy these temperatures. we will wish we had them year round soon. 56 degrees, clearing skies and that taste of fall and we will not send it back to the kitchen because it does president taste all that bad. 73 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. monday 77. sunshine. tuesday a morning showers but otherwise nice and look at those temperatures todd in the low to mid 70's for rest of the week. >> carol, thanks very much. happening to take the philadelphia housing authority plans to implode a high rise forcing some nearby residents to leave their home, this is a live look at the queen lane apartments at 7:15 in an hour they will be reduced to ruble. sixteen story building is a block wide in a densely populated area with homes right across the street and some 90 resident living in the one block radius have been evacuated. city has ordered 400 others
6:51 am
living within a two block radius to stay inside with the windows and doors closed. the city says it is committed to cleaning up any mess that is left behind , by the implosion. parents are always trying to keep their kids safe and new is there an app for that. reporter tim whistle shows us how a middle school student who turned his cell phone's power button into a panic button. >> reporter: kids have a factor new technology but 12 year-old dill than really gets it. he already has two patent and just came up with a new mobile app. >> i hope to save somebody life. >> reporter: save me app turns power button on any android phone in the panic button. >> if you are in trouble and getting abduct and i had my phone in my pocket just have to reach down and press power button. >> reporter: after pressing on and off several times the phone automatically sends a prewritten message to a parent or anyone else, programmed in the app. >> just a message please help i may be in danger. >> reporter: with an upgrade the receiver will get a map
6:52 am
showing the exact location, at app already on google play has been down load sod 200 times. dylan says they can be sent out quietly and quickly and help a kid avoid peer pressure. >> my dad would call me and i could answer and say i have to go real quick. it could be an excuse to leave and tell my dad what was going on. >> reporter: dylan who goes to austin middle school compels at math, science and engineering. in fifth grade he patented his first invention a tool to teach young baseball players how to pitch. >> his mind is always thinking of stuff. >> reporter: in this case it is a great idea that might save a life. >> that was tim whistle reporting from galveston, texas and that was one very bright 12 years old. we will be right back.
6:53 am
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at petsmart®. and one more update on our breaking news this morning, two pennsylvania state police troopers have been shot at blooming grove barracks pike county, one of the troopers has died and we are working to find out the extent of the injuries of the officer who was injury, the shots came from a wooded area and suspect or suspects remain at large. we have a crew at the scene and a press conference is set to get underway at any moment now. stay with cbs-3 and cbs for more updates. our hearts and thoughts go out to those, up there this morning. >> absolutely. we are looking at clouds overall of the area today, todd we will be finding temperatures that are fairly comfortable they but notice cloud cover that is in here at this point and it is in the just in the philadelphia area. we're also finding these clouds in the shore areas, and i think you can just generally expect a day where you see
6:56 am
mostly cloudy skies, most of the time but it looks like horizon is trying to brighten up there but you'll fine a lot have of those clouds filling in and we are seeing showers off to the west, nothing in our area at this point holding off until 1:00 this afternoon for the earliest showers to becoming in here except maybe a scattered sprinkle or something before that. otherwise notice top row of the numbers in the afternoon over next seven days. every single within of them is ideal, those are temperatures, we have our thermostats set. we are finding them outside. don't pay for that. difference between today and testimony will be amount of cloud cover and fact that we do find these rain showers light to take, we are talking on the order of the tenth of an inch or less and just a couple spots to see more than that, maybe a quarter inch but they should be a garden variety rain shower that we see today, at the shore we will be looking at temperatures in the 07's as well. tomorrow, complete thely different. if you like yesterday at 78 with all that unshine and gorgeous, tomorrow we will do it again, we will drop a
6:57 am
couple degrees, 73 degrees. at least dropped a dehe gree from where it was friday and monday. looks terrific. the whole week is just an absolute winner, few clouds today. we will can deal with that. >> great golfing days in there, perhaps. >> ask your wife. >> that is "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs cbs this morning saturday is next, have a great weekend, everybody.
6:58 am
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. good morning. it's september 13, 2014. welcome to "cbs morning news" saturday. an nfl mvp turns himself into police to face child abuse charges. plus, on the hunt for a killer in pennsylvania after a shoot at a state police barracks. she died before her work became world renowned. and a sweet shift for godiva. why the chocolatemaker is moving to a less chocolate fix. your world in "90 seconds."